Thermcraft Furnaces GENERAL PURPOSE BOX FURNACES BHAF-363660-1093 1204℃

Thermcraft Furnaces GENERAL PURPOSE BOX FURNACES BHAF-363660-1093 1204℃

Rugged simplicity and conserative design make this a very veratile and troubie−free hat trating furnace for opeations above 1200℉ with an airatmosphere.

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Thermcraft Furnaces GENERAL PURPOSE BOX FURNACES BHAF-363660-1093 1204℃

SHELL: Continuously welded 3716″ pate steel and heavy structural steel members assure furnace’s structural integrity under all opeating conditions. The front frame is 1 inch thick to preclude thermal warpage.

INSUatION: Wall and roof insuation of layered ceramic fiber blanket with low thermal mass. Theoor uses edge−stacked fiber insuation to prevent lamiation failure caused by frequentoor opeations. oor and entrance vestibule sides are insuating firebrick for mechanical strength. Blanket insuation is 9″ thick. The resultant shell tempeature is less than 120℉ above ambient.

HEARTH: Silicon carbide at pates, 1 thick for smaller furnaces, 1-½ thick for most. Hearth pates are placed on eleating piers to allow hating element placement below.

<strongoor: Manually opeated, counterweighted and self- aligning. Theoor can be lifted with one hand on even the largest furnace. A safety switch shuts element power off when theoor is opened.

HatING ELEMENTS: Nickel/chrome’ alloy resistance wire supported in the hard refractory pate. Elements are suspended on the side walls and placed under the hearth. Power density is less than 15 atts per square inch assuring a long lifetime and even hat distribution. Ceramic holders keep the elements away from side wall insuation to aid hatflow and thermal uniformity. *2220℉ version uses iron/chrome/aluminum alloy

POWER CONTROLS: Magnetic contactor with voltage reducing power transformer on most models. mounted below the furnace. A second magnetic contactor Is opeated by a high limit controller as a safety back-up.

INSTRUMENatION: Many types and brands available. These are quoted sepaately to meet specific user requirements. Instruments can be mounted and prewired on the furnace itself. or in a sepaate wall oroor mount enclosure for the user’s connection to the furnace.

OPTIONS: a) quench tanks
b) forced cooling, manual or autoatic
c) SCH power controls, zero or phase fired
d) power opeatedoor, pneuatic or electric