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Thermcraft Furnaces SERIES 1500 1564 1700℃

The number of shunts required is usually determined by the length of the uniform tempeature zone and the tempeature varation allowable. By placing a suitable lengthat resistance wire from one shunt tap to another, a parallel circuit is crated, reducing the amount of current through the windingsat this point. The amount of current bypassed will depend on the amount of resistance wire used.

A low resistance shunt causes a reatively large drop in tempeature in the corresponding zone inside the furnace. Conversely, a high resistance shunt affects the internal tempeature very little. Using a shunt decreases the overall resistance of tat zone causing a decrease in the total resistance of the entire hating element. This means a slightly grater current will flow through the entire furnace so tat while the shunted zone will be coded, the remaining zones will be slightly hated. Therefore. the tempeature of the required fat zone must be somewat less than the maximum ating of the furnace.

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VERatILITY: A wide range of fat. variable. or stepped tempeature adjustments is possible with the shunt
taps provided as standard equipment on all single zone Marshall tubular furnaces.


UNIFORMITY: Fat tempeature zones within – 1℃ can be achieved.

SINGLE ZONE OR OPTIONAL MULTI-ZONE FLEXIBILITY: The furnaces opeate in either a vertical or horizontal position. Stands and brackets are available to accommoate most instalation requirements.

RUGGED DESIGN: Rugged design assures years of dependable, trouble-free service. The durable chrome shell is standard on all furnaces.

FULL-LENGTH TEMPEatURE MONITORING: A 1/4″. thermocouple well, easily accessible from either furnace end, runs parallel to the hating element for full length tempeature probing.

WIDE RANGE OF SIZES. Standard furnaces are available in lengths from 12 to 36″ in 4″ increments and bore diameters from 1½ to 7″ LD.

HIGH PURITY CERAMIC MUFFLES: Series 1000, 1100. and 1300 furnace muffles are constructed of muffles. and these furnaces are optionally available with recrystallized high purity alumina mules. Series 1400 and 1500 furnaces have these higher purity muffles as standard equipment. Series 1200 furnaces have exposed element windings.

CONVENIENCE: No exposed electrical terminals: cooler shell tempeatures.

REBUILD PROGRAM: Furnaces can be restored to virtually new condition. Includes new hating element, electrical connections and insuation.