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Thermo Scientific 1200°C Box Furnaces, Heavy-Duty

Heavy-Duty 1200°C Box Furnaces feature a unique internal construction and outer shell design which reduces external surface temperatures without compromising interior temperature uniformity. Requires independent control console, Model No. CC58114C (sold separately).



  • Individual heating elements at chamber top, bottom and sides for uniform heat distribution
  • Swing down door provides convenient loading platform.
  • Helically coiled, high temperature alloy wire elements for extended service life
  • Unique Moldatherm® ceramic fiber insulation to allow rapid heat-up, recovery and cool-down rates
  • High temperature insulation in vestibule and floating plug door to minimize heat loss and improve temperature control
  • Spring-loaded door holds door securely shut; door rests in horizontal position when open
  • Sight glass for convenient observation of heated load during operation
  • Refractory plate heating unit (Model BF51442C)
  • Heating element imbedded in Moldatherm insulation (Model BF51542C)
  • Rugged, heavy-duty InconelTM hearthplate supports load and protects the furnace from damage due to spillage (Model BF51542C)
  • Long-life Platinel II® thermocouple with 10′ compensated lead wire and polarized plug
1200°C Digital, Single Setpoint Controller

Control console is fully wired and includes advanced microprocessor-based digital control, a solid-state power module, on/off circuit break-er and thermocouple input jack. Includes micro-
processor-based PID control (proportional, integral, derivative), single segment, single set-point, 1 ramp to setpoint. Built-in adjustable high limit overtemperature protection. Simultaneous LED display of actual temperature vs. setpoint. May be configured to display temperature in either °C or °F.

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Element Type

Refractory Plate Heating Element, Moldatherm® Heating Element


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