Top Hat Furnaces – HB Carbolite

The HB furnace range has an automatically operated vertically moving hood for heat treatment in air as standard option. This design allows samples to be accessed from three sides. The HB can be equipped with CrFeAl heating wires up 1300 °C or with MoSi2 heating elements for temperatures up to 1800 °C.

The HB top hat furnaces are available with usable volumes of 80 to 560 litres. The hood moves up and down automated giving access to the hearth for loading and unloading. Alternatively the HB-BL 240 and HB-BL 430 litres model the hood is steady and the hearth moves up and down in a bottom loading way.

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  • 1300 °C, 1600 °C, 1700 °C & 1800 °C maximum operating temperatures
  • Programmable EPC3016P1 controller
  • From 80 to 514 litre capacities
  • HB = top hat. HB-BL = bottom loading
  • FeCrAl wire heating elements for 1300 °C models
  • High quality molybdenum disilicide heating elements for higher temperatures
  • Energy efficient low thermal mass insulation
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Ethernet communications

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HB 1300/80, HB 1300/160, HB 1300/240, HB 1300/430, HB 1300/514, HB 1600/80, HB 1600/160, HB 1600/430, HB 1600/240, HB 1600/514, HB 1700/80, HB 1700/160, HB 1700/240, HB 1700/430, HB 1700/514, HB 1800/80, HB 1800/160, HB 1800/240, HB 1800/430, HB 1800/514