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TPS Box Furnaces 1500℃ Box Furnace 51863

The 1500℃ Box Furnace maintains temperature uniformity, has a rapid
response rate and boasts a dense load capability. It's long element life
is essential for energy efficiency and low maintenance to meet today's
workplace requirements.

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Insulating vestibules and directly hinged, insulated plug doors
Internal vent that dissipates the initial heat surge from open door
Type R thermocouple
Silicon carbide heating elements horizontally positioned above
and below the heating chamber
High-temperature graded insulation
Fitted silicon-carbide hearthplate
Double shell, heavy duty construction
Low temperature outer shell
Temperature −1500℃ (2732℉) Maximum

Stand Alone Temperature Control Console
Provides additional features and versatility for your control
Programmable control (Option P)
Offers flexibility of ramping to multiple setpoint levels and
holding for variable time periods at those levels
Excess temperature protection (Option B)
Provides positive protection of both furnace and load in the
event of failure in the primary control circuit
Ethernet communications available
Atmosphere Retorts
Available for all Lindberg/MPH 1500℃ box furnaces when
controlled atmosphere processing is required
Atmosphere Control Consoles