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TPS Box Furnaces 1800℃ Box Furnace 51435

The 1800℃ incorporates the latest technological advances in heating
elements, insulation, and temperature control and features an operator
safe swing-away door. Variable heat-up rate eliminates thermal
shock to materials. Easy access to replaceable heating elements and
thermocouples for ease of maintenance.

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Programmable temperature control
Current limit adjustment
Convection cooling
Molybdenum disilicide heating elements
Holdback feature that allows process temperature to catch up to
set value
Four 16-segment programs consisting of ramps (up or down) or
dwells (timed holds)
Visually displays setpoint and process temperatures, ramp rate,
dwell time, program segment and percent output power
Standard overtemperature protection circuitry
Front panel lights
Circuit breaker
Ethernet communications available
Temperature −1800℃ (3272℉) Maximum
Chamber Size −515.63 Cubic Inches

Atmosphere Inlet and Outlet Ports
Inert Atmosphere Flowmeters